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life is killing me
Sunday, 7 March 2021
from another
Mood:  not sure

if i am not to be discussed or ever seen, use this as a memory. faded and bruised. remember i was the one that held held you when you were lost and alone. when the dark consumed you and the world felt so small.  the waves washed over you,  the dawn frightened you. direction wasn't all that clear and yet,  we made it. a bottle. a can of coke. ice and that warm yet cool glass. want to play a game. we will get stuck in a time that only i could have reserved space for... yet no matter how you might try... you can't change, zig or zag. nothing you had, will ever be. there is a ledge, i found it for you.  you stepped back... im still here though.  beneath it all.


it's fun to reflect at the world you were never really in control of... or will ever be. 


sweet dreams... see you there... these pills won't work forever

lack of control by no one in particular at 1:44 AM PST

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