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life is killing me
Friday, 26 March 2021
is my pain always there in hiding in plain sight?
Mood:  down
Now Playing: MeST - Photographs

standing out in the cold. cant say that im "feeling" bad for myself, because im not. 😔 i just can't fight the lack of urge to do anything productive. i havent felt myself slipping this way for a little bit, well, not since before starting another medication. on the plus side my blood pressure has dropped, i normally feel nothing ... on the downside, i havent the issue of weight gain other than a tummy bloat and wanting to eat EVERYTHING. 

started listening to a set of music that sounds comforting, especially in my new ear buds. they sound (the music)  better than i remembered for sure, i hear so much more in sound depth.

 okay, so im feeling down, want more jack daniels, need a job, to be hated less and get off these damn meds. to be honest, missing me. the highs and lows. the unfeeling detached newer version of me SUCKS. 


lack of control by no one in particular at 7:14 PM PDT

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