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discography -
1999 - compilation  "b.o.D.i. - intergalactic vandals" stinkfinger records
           contributing tracks -

2oo1 - godchildren

2oo4 - the low budget theory EP

t.b.a. - the wading : trustlovepainregret

members -
rev. r.j.f. II aka 6 - all sounds formed and deformed throughout recordings

biography -
6yearsgone has been hard at work since his debut release 2oo1's "godchildren". After a brief stint of inactivity on the music front, 6 returned to the studio in September of 2oo2 and began work on his much anticipated follow up, "the low budget theory". When sessions began on recording new demos for the next release, songs began drifting further away from the sound recognizable a 6yearsgone. 6 began collaborating with a few select individuals whom he found inspiring and out sprang a sound and effort that would soon become the l.l. sessions. In between writing a sophomore effort and creating a side project, other tracks began to grow into another direction. 6 began separating tracks from each other and discovered a reoccurring them through many of the tracks... thus began the idea of a concept album. Fast forward to now - while recording tracks for a follow up, 6yearsgone now and has been working on a,"concept album". Recording has been ongoing and mixing has almost been complete in regards to "the low budget theory" which has now become an EP, due for release in late/summer of 2oo4.