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newest addition

coming soon ?

i'm alright : o7..2oo3 ~ black bic pen/red highlights via eric l. (yellow pad session)

no excuses : o7..2oo3 ~ black bic pen (yellow pad session)

sorry sometimes (old and ugly 2.o): o7..2oo3 ~ black bic pen (yellow pad session)

i jest... you wrong : o6..2oo3 ~ red felt pen doodle

loathsome : o5..2oo3 ~ red felt pen doodle

bland : o4..2oo3 ~ colour pencil

old and ugly : o6..2oo1 ~ pencil sketch

the screamer : o3..2oo1 ~ colour pencil

wholly priest : o4..2ooo ~ colour pencil

floating baldy : o2..1998 ~ bic pen doodle

skull on  stick : o7..1997 ~ bic pen sketch

pretty tied up : 1o..1994 ~ colour pencil (M.I.A)

the big empty : o3..1994 ~ colour pencil (M.I.A)

clown : o3..1994 ~ colour pencil (M.I.A)